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 I have been on Toviaz 4mg daily now for 2 months,and i have to save its made a huge difference,i had to ask for it when i saw my new uro/gynae(who was lovely! a real change from prev horrid experience)no dry mouth,no blurred vision,it did take a month to notice some difference,and it has made my life so much easier.Mentally you are not thinking about the next loo stop anymore,and i go out socially more.There is a higher strength of 8mg.So go ask ladies(and gents!) I had a gentleman e-mail some time ago about this drug but he didnt get back in contact.Please e-mail me if you have any questions.Good luck everyone,but please remember,like anything it doesnt work for everyone.It is available on NHS prescription.


Liz Walters

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thank you for your update Liz, its great to hear it is helping , thank you for letting us know...

best wishes


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What were you taking before this new drug? I just wondered as I take Regurin and have tried about 3 others.



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Hi to all....just wondering if anyone has experienced weight gain with Toviaz? have read other posts about weight gain...amongst other undesirable symptoms when taking other OAB meds. I've been taking 4mg Toviaz for 3 months and have gained around 7lbs so far all around my midriff area it seems. I feel very bloated all of the time. Toviaz is helping my OAB, not as much as i'd hoped but things have improved. Weight gain wasn't in the poss side-effects or i perhaps wouldn't have even started out on this particular one. I'd be glad of any comments. Thanks


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Regarding Toviaz and weight gain... I think there is a link.  I have been taking Toviaz 4mg. for almost 4 months and I have noticed over the past 1-2 months that I cannot slim down my waist area.  I have always been at or under my ideal weight without exercise or eating right.  I feel bloated and my clothes are tight and uncomfortable.  I believe it is due to the Toviaz.  I will stop taking it and see if my waist slims down over the next two months or so.  BTW... I am taking Toviaz for Interstitial Cystitis.


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I´m also on Toviaz 4 mg. for IC. I feel it´s helping slightly. I haven´t experienced any weightgain. I was on Amy which I had to stop because that made me gain weight :-(.



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It may be wishful thinking on my part but I'll let you know after a month or two if I lose some inches. ;-)

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I have not had any issues getting my Toviaz filled. Good Luck finding it. : (


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Yes, I have a Rx for the Toviaz. I haven't heard anything about a shortage of this drug so I'm curious why you're having difficulty.

Also, for the record, I don't believe that Toviaz had any connection with my gaining an inch or two around my waist... I stopped taking it for a couple months and the extra inch is still there.

Good luck with finding the Toviaz. It has really helped me with controling my Interstitial Cystitis.


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I have been taking Toviaz for 2months and have gained about 5-7lbs, don't know if it is from the Toviaz or the Peanut M&M's and diet Dr. Pepper! hahaha
Toviaz is working better than anything that I have ever taken and I have taken just about everyone out there for OA. It does give me dry mouth but seems to go away in the late afternoon. I am having headaches off and on but that could be the fluctuations in our weather lately.  I would like to blame everything that happens on the Tovias but I don't really think any of it is from the Tovias.  I have a prescript for a year and am not having any trouble with getting it filled at my CVS pharmacy.  You may want to try CVS in your town. 

Best of luck to all,


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Hello shelia
Thank you for your post and welcome to the Board.
As we are a UK based Forum, I have added note to your post, to the fact, that CVS are based in the USA.

I do hope the Tovias continues to assist.



Join us...


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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I started taking Toviaz 4mg about 2.5 weeks ago and although I am on a slimming plan I seem to be gaining weight like mad. It has definitely helped with the problem of running to the bathroom all the time but I am very worried about the weight gain. I didn't take any yesterday and today, have stuck to my healthy eating plan (I would have normally lost about 1/2lb in the last 3 days) but am still gaining weight. Can anyone help? I plan to stop it completely. Will the weight go back to normal or will I have to start all over again? I worked very hard to lose 5 1/2 stone and do not intend to put the weight back on again. I would rather run to the bathroom every five minutes!!


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Hi, I am on Toviaz  4mg, and have started my third week on it. It does seem to help by reducing the trips to the loo. When I get to the loo it can sometimes take five minutes to start the flow. I am also wondering if it is making me gain weight - I know it is the extra sweets, ice cream and biscuits which is actually adding the weight, but I have been slowly losing weight over the last couple of years and usually balance the goodies with more excersise in a more planned way. At the moment my mouth is very dry and I think I am just mindlessly eating goodies.I also have been doing less exercise as I am so tired even though i now have two hour chunks of sleep instead of my usual one hour.  I only drink Evian water as even redbush tea impacts on my bladder and I am fed up with drinking water. My GP would only give me one month supply because of the expense - apparently it costs £1 for each pill; most pills cost pennies. I  am about to ask for another month supply as it can take six to eight weeks for the full effect. I shall persevere but I am not sure whether i will carry on after that. Toviaz is much better for me than Vesicare and oxybutin but i will wait and see.
One of the most frustrating things is how different we all are in reactions to drugs. Good luck on your journey to find what helps you.
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